• Selection
    and Search

    Personnel selection, at all levels, is a problem that never ceases to be topical...

  • Consultancy

    In this environment we bring together the services that are related to the satisfaction of the employees, their motivations...

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  • Evaluation and Assessment

    Nuestro servicio de evaluación y assessment tiene como finalidad detectar las competencias actuales o potenciales de las personas...

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  • Training

    In an environment characterised by the globalisation of markets and implacable competitiveness, ongoing training...

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  • Executive Coaching

    Through Coaching it is possible for professionals to expand their know-how and develop new skills in a short period of time...

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  • Anual remunerations report

    In this annual bilingual we provide information on the remunerations of 105 different posts...

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Selection and Search

Personnel selection, at all levels, is a problem that never ceases to be topical, insofar as a company is the sum of its employees.

Our extensive experience in this field has led us to develop three modalities that allow us to easily adapt ourselves to the peculiarities of the different posts and the needs of our clients:

  • Direct Search / Executive Search

  • Personalised Modality

  • Classical Modality

  • Multiple Selection Processes

We place particular importance on ensuring that our processes counselling is as useful as possible for all of the parties involved. We have an interactive Database (DB) as well as technological resources that allow us to expedite the service while maintaining our habitual candidacy assessment rigour.

A high quality service

All of our modalities have their own underlying model of action, the most outstanding characteristics of which are:

  • Broad-based assessment –before starting the process– on the nature of the post, required competencies, market salaries and the most adequate prospection strategy.

  • Different candidate prospection procedures, depending on the strategy agreed: Direct Search, Job Portals, Web 2.0 –Social Networking, Press Ads, Business Schools, Professional Schools, Internal Databases, Prescribers, etc.

  • Team of Consultants that are well prepared in the diagnosis of both personality and competencies.

  • Integral conception of quality, which includes a guarantee of our services.

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