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    The aim of our Assessment Service is to detect the actual or potential competencies of the people that are either working in an organisation or hoping to join ones...

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Evaluation and Assessment

The aim of our Assessment Service is to detect the actual or potential competencies of the people that are either working in an organisation or hoping to join on.

It is a service that is very useful for:

  • New Recruitments

  • Internal Promotions

  • Career and Development Plans

  • Restructuring


Our interventions take place on the basis of three modalities, depending on the goals being considered:

Individual Assessments

We use Interviews, Psychological Testing and Simulation Exercises with business situations as techniques. A modality that is suitable at all levels: Executive, Managerial and Qualified Personnel.

Assessment Center

This is a special Assessment method, the purpose of which is to reliably identify people's competencies for a post.

We can bring to bear a number of individual or group techniques, depending on the goal to be achieved and the peculiarities of the posts in question: Personal Interviews, Personality Tests, Management Exercises, Role-Play, Business Games, Discussion Groups, etc.

We apply these specific group techniques to groups made up of between 4-12 people, with the intervention of at least two Consultants, and then engage in three group activities:

  • Initial contact activities: Aimed at breaking the ice between participants and minimising competitiveness between them.

  • Individual activities in front of the group: In order to observe the participants, one by one, and appreciate the way they conduct themselves before the rest of the group.

  • Group activities: In order to provide a detailed assessment of determined competencies, role adoption and to determine the competencies of the people in the group.

The Assessment Centre is strongly recommended due to its reliability for the:

  • Identification of Managerial Potential

  • Promotions and Career Plans

  • Final Assessment in the Selection Process

  • Identification of Training Needs in the Line

  • Hierarchy for the Development of Competencies

Multiple Assessments

A very useful modality whenever a Company or Institution needs to assess a large number of persons for Selection or Promotion processes. We have developed our own system, based on predictive methodologies and supported by software. This is a modality that is particularly useful for companies that need to contract a large number of people, whether in small groups on a continuous basis or occasionally in large groups.

A Practical and Effective Service

Once the Evaluation or Assessment has finalised our clients will be provided with a detailed report on each of the persons assessed, which will serve as the basis for taking a suitable decision in each of the modalities that we have to offer.

In the case of Multiple Assessments we present a report for each group, which includes: 1) The overall qualification obtained by each person assessed; 2) A graphic representation that will allow for a rapid visualisation of their strengths and weaknesses; 3) How near or far each person is from the required profile; and 4) The ranking of the people assessed, classified in both decreasing order and alphabetically. This is a case of prior objective filtering, which saves a lot of time and significantly reduces costs.


This service, which we provide on-line, is aimed at expediting our Selection and Assessment processes at the same time as significantly reducing costs for the client. We have specific software for the different profiles in various languages and, depending on the situations, we can carry out initial interviews by videoconference. Following this initial interview, if required, we can then hold interviews either in situ or at our offices, before presenting the final reports.

This service is particularly recommended for assessing candidates that do not live in Spain, or should such be required for other justifiable reasons.

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