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    La selección de personas, cualquiera que sea su nivel, constituye un problema de permanente actualidad...

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    La Gestión del Desempeño, desde un enfoque actual, se orienta a potenciar el desarrollo de las personas y a transformar el desarrollo...

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    The aim of our Assessment Service is to detect the actual or potential competencies of the people that are either working in an organisation or hoping to join ones...

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    In an environment characterised by the globalisation of markets and implacable competitiveness, ongoing training...

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    Through Coaching it is possible for professionals to expand their know-how and develop new skills in a short period of time...

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    In this annual bilingual we provide information on the remunerations of 105 different posts...

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Personal development consultancy

In this environment we bring together the services that are related to the satisfaction of the employees, their motivations and their performance, in order to optimise human resources strategies and policies.


The Climate is the human environment/setting in which the work takes place. A Workplace Climate Survey responds to two basic goals:

  • Discovering the level of satisfaction among employees, through their perceptions of a series of variables that are critical in the generation of a suitable climate

  • Proportioning corrective measures that will have a bearing on the improvement of those variables

Understanding the perceptions of the people that work in an organisation is essential in order to:

  • Increase their motivation and level of commitment

  • Improve HR policies and strategies

  • Get managers and department heads involved in the effective Management and Leadership of persons and groups

Workplace Climate Surveys may, depending on needs, be aimed at the whole workforce or just a part of it.



From our focus we direct Performance Management towards strengthening the development of persons and transforming organisations so that they can be adapted to innovative and market challenges that require a changing environment.

This has practical consequences for promotion and remuneration, and also for career plans and succession. In this sense we collaborate with the companies in the definition and elaboration of all of the system elements, taking as a reference Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals.

  • Core Competences

  • Profiles of Competencies for each Post

We then integrate this information in a computer application that allows for a quantitative and qualitative assessment of results, in order to reach conclusions, provide feed-back to those assessed, put forward the expedient proposals and establish the targets for the next assessment.

This application can be integrated into the company's remuneration system through its relation with Performance Management.



While Competencies are usually included in Performance Management, we can also offer companies the possibility of independently contracting this service.

Our model, which is flexible and software supported, allows for the assessment of peoples' competencies (360-degree feedback) and adapting them to the needs of the companies and institutions.

It is extremely useful for detecting training needs, drawing up individual career plans and as an initial tool in the coaching process.

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