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    Personnel selection, at all levels, is a problem that never ceases to be topical...

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    In this environment we bring together the services that are related to the satisfaction of the employees, their motivations...

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    The aim of our Assessment Service is to detect the actual or potential competencies of the people that are either working in an organisation or hoping to join ones...

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    In an environment characterised by the globalisation of markets and implacable competitiveness, ongoing training...

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  • Executive Coaching

    Through Coaching it is possible for professionals to expand their know-how and develop new skills in a short period of time...

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Executive Coaching

Through Coaching it is possible for professionals to expand their know-how and develop new skills in a short period of time. The Coach stimulates and enlivens, getting people to dig deep in search of their full potential, using structured dialogue in various stages as the main resource. According to the goal to be achieved we adopt the following modalities: Individual, Team or Strategic.

Our Coaches, who have extensive managerial and consultancy experience in individual and team development, are internationally accredited.


We offer a range of modalities, depending on the situations that motivate a Coaching process.


Aimed at encouraging improvements in the competencies of the individual for determined posts, this is recommended for promotions, new incorporations and organisational changes that affect the contents of different posts.


The aim here is to help improve the performance of work teams, by ensuring greater clarity of goals, establishing a common operational base, discovering needs, strengths/weakness and, in general, developing a better way of working together through constituting the fundamentals of teamwork.

This could be very useful for:

  • Teams that need to change the way they work and their responsibilities in line with changes taking place in the organisation.

  • Dysfunctional teams, in which the members need to work together more effectively.

  • Teams that need to improve their interpersonal communication.

  • Teams of people who are working together for the first time.


The purpose is to align the people that occupy Executive and Managerial posts with common goals and a shared vision, at the same time strengthening their leadership and capacity to motivate.

Strategic Coaching is particularly recommended for:

  • Achieving a broader-based and more in-depth perspective with regard to strategic questions.

  • Improving leadership skills.

  • Maintaining the motivation of collaborators, particularly during processes of change.

  • Increasing the level of compromise with and loyalty to the organisation.

  • Simplifying the period of adaptation and the success of new leaders.

The fact that there has been sharp growth in Coaching within companies over recent years is largely justified by the pressure that exists to improve the results in a world that has become increasingly more globalised and competitive. As a result it has become essential to develop and improve skills and competencies with regard to the taking of decisions, innovating, making changes and leading more effectively in an environment that needs greater experiential learning and the handling of emotions. Executive Coaching makes it possible that the actions to be taken "acquire life" and, as a result, function in a practical sense.

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