• Selection
    and Search

    Personnel selection, at all levels, is a problem that never ceases to be topical...

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  • Consultancy

    In this environment we bring together the services that are related to the satisfaction of the employees, their motivations...

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  • Evaluation
    and Assessment

    The aim of our Assessment Service is to detect the actual or potential competencies of the people that are either working in an organisation or hoping to join ones...

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  • Training

    In an environment characterised by the globalisation of markets and implacable competitiveness, ongoing training...

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  • Executive Coaching

    Through Coaching it is possible for professionals to expand their know-how and develop new skills in a short period of time...

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  • Anual remunerations report

    In this annual bilingual we provide information on the remunerations of 105 different posts...

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Delta RH is a consultancy firm specializing in human resources since 1994.

We provide methodological experience and technological resources to help organizations in their planning and development activities.

We understand service as a commitment to excellence. We aide companies and institutions achieve their goals.

Our response to the needs of companies and institutions in the area of human resources, is comprehensive and specialized.

We operate according to the values of diligence, commitment, ethics and innovation.

We offer the following services: search and selection, evaluation and assessment, training, executive coaching, personal development consultancy and annual remuneration report.

Delta Recursos Humanos S.L.

Gran Vía Carlos III
31, 1║ 4¬
08028 Barcelona

t. +34 931 422 880


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